display requirements for hdr video in windows 10

To stream high dynamic range (HDR) video in Windows 10 [1803]. It’s built-in display for your PC, tablet, laptop needs to support HDR. Visit the manufacturer’s website to know the specifications of a specific PC / laptop / tablet. Here are display requirements for hdr video in windows 10 :

  1. Built-in display of windows 10 1803 needs to have a resolution of 1080p or more, 300 nits or more is recommended max brightness.
  2. Windows 10 PC / laptop / tablet needs to have an integrated graphics card that supports PlayReady hardware digital rights management (for protected HDR content), and it must have the required codecs installed for 10-bit video decoding.

How to Enable HDR in Windows 10

This is a feature highlight if you have a HDR displaying a high dynamic range display. Windows 10 October 2018 update brings settings to you. So if you go into your settings interbody notifications in all settings, or on the Start menu. Clicking the settings, you will have in the system tray, and display settings for HDR displays. display requirements for hdr video in windows 10

So this is basically getting into the display. Now you have to have an eye dynamic range display for all of that to be here. But, you will have brighter and more vibrant feature with high dynamic range displays. You’ll have of course in these settings you know capabilities for gameplay, and all of that.display requirements for hdr video in windows 10 2

So Now, I don’t have the display capabilities on this machine, but by clicking on display 1, and if you do have a display that has like them dynamic range possibilities. You’ll have all the capabilities.display requirements for hdr video in windows 10 3 To check that out and make sure that you can actually view and use to the maximum the beauty of having such any display in Windows 10. So this is the first time that HDR displays and and WCG apps are actually activated in here. And this is good news because if you like to have the white color gimped content and also the capabilities of your HDR display. It’s nice to have all of this activate and be make sure that it’s activated by default. It should be by default if you have an eg are displayed should be. But check the settings this is brand new here in the October 2018 update.