How to Enable and Setup Windows Hello in Windows 10

Find out if you have Windows Hello and learn how to activate it when it is not showing in Settings, then setup your Windows Hello to enable the face or iris recognition in you Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10.

The future is here, with Windows Hello you do not need to remember your password to login. Windows Hello using you, uniquely your self to login to Windows 10 with your Microsoft Account which means it also authenticate the purchase in Windows Store. Windows Hello will recognize your face, fingerprint, or your iris as the password to use your Windows 10 Computer.

Not all Windows 10 Computer can use Windows Hello. The facial recognition of Windows Hello requires Intel RealSense cameras array to scan your face or iris. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 already has this feature. Make sure your PC have RealSense Cameras built-in to enable Windows Hello. Certainly it is very frustrating when you buy Microsoft Surface Pro just to try Windows Hello but it turns out you can not find it in the Settings options.

How to Enable and Setup Windows Hello in Windows 10

Normally, if your hardware is supported for Windows Hello with Intel RealSense camera and everything, you will find Windows Hello in Settings –> Accounts –> Sign-in options, there you can see Windows Hello options, you can choose face, fingerprint, or iris if your PC has a fingerprint reader or a camera that supports it. But what if you the menu is not showing which makes you can’t enable and set it up, well here is what you need to do.

The problem is could be the outdated firmware and driver of Surface Camera. Go to the device manager by typing “Device Manager” in Cortana and click the top of the search result. From Device Manager, search for System Devices –> Surface Camera Windows Hello, right click on it and choose properties. You can see that the Driver Date is August 2015 or older, we need to fix this up.

If there is something outdated, then we have to update it. Windows Update is the only thing you want to run to solve this. Go to Settings –> Update & Security –> Windows Update, then Check for update. This can take a while, let the update and install running.

The other way to get the latest firmware and driver is by download them directly from Microsoft. These drivers and firmware are compatible with Windows 10, including Enterprise versions. The ZIP file allows you to selectively install or deploy individual drivers. The MSI will install all relevant drivers automatically.

When it’s done, restart your Surface device to make sure the update make changes. Go to the Device Manager to check the date of the firmware and driver of Surface Camera, if the date and the version is updated, then it’s ready to go. Open the Settings again, you should see the Windows Hello Sign-in Options just like this:

How to Enable and Setup Windows Hello in Windows 10

If you are still having trouble in enabling and seting up Windows Hello in Windows 10, please let us know about it.