How to find lost files after windows 10 upgrade

Do not panic, lost files sometimes occur after you upgrade to Windows 10. You can look it up and restore your missing files.

When first you know about Windows 10, you may still hesitate to do the upgrade. The fears such as lost files make you reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10, but what bad things that might happen, Microsoft would not release a crazy Operating System that removes all user data right? Well shit happens when you finally decide to upgrade to Windows 10, all your files are vanish from the earth, you can not find them anywhere. You might miss it, but Microsoft has warned you to backup your files before run the upgrade, and now this what you got.

How to find lost files after windows 10 upgrade

Your files are actually not lost, we can still restore them. Here’s how to find your lost files:

Make sure your logged in with your primary account

When upgrading to Windows 10, the system is creating a temporary account. In this temporary account, you have nothing: files, documents, etc and make it appear that all of your files is gone when it is not. Now go to Settings –> Accounts –> Sync your settings. There will be a message at the top that says “You are logged on with a temporary profile. Roaming options are currently unavailable.” if you are logged in with a temporary account.

How to find lost files after windows 10 upgrade

If you are working on something while using the temporary account, make sure you back up it to external drive. Now to restore the files that you thought is missing, just restart your Windows 10 Computer and log in with your primary account.

Search the files by the file name or extensions

You can always depend on Cortana for this job. Simply search your files, type the file name and hit enter. Sometimes users find out the files in unusual places like in Nerwork/ or this pc –> local disk (c) –> users –> public. In case the files are hidden, type “Show hidden files and folders” in the search box. Under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Then try searching again, this time try to more specific, if you want to search for the mp3 files, type *.mp3, *.jpg for images, *.doc for your document files, etc.

If you sill can’t find them, search for “indexing”, then select Indexing Options from the search results. Select the Advanced Administrator icon button to view more options, then select the Troubleshoot search and indexing link and follow the steps.

When you found one of the the missing file, check the location of the file, maybe the other files are located in the same location. Right click the file and select Open file location. The files might be kept in Windows.Old, you need to move the files to another location because the folder will be deleted after 28 days.

Restore from the backup

If the search method is not work and you found nothing, the next next you should try is to restore the files from a backup. Search for Backup and restore. Open Backup and Restore from the search result and select Restore my files. Then just follow the instructions.

Another trick to restore your missing file is by creating a new file and name it with exactly the same with your missing file. After the duplicate file is created, right click the file and select Properties, select Previous Version tab, then pick the file version to restore.

Recovery software can also be an option to restore your lost files, but not all recovery software supports Windows 10. Some of those recovery software is not free, well i think the price is always worthed because your files is more valuable. Another thing to be noted: regularly backup your work whether your stored in the cloud server or external hard drive, so when something like this happens, this will not be a heart attack and the end of the world for you.

If you are still experiencing difficulties in finding lost files after Windows 10 upgrade, please let us know about it.