How to fix xbox one error code 0x89231806 in Windows 10

Did you got an error that says “your network settings are blocking party chat 0x89231806” while party chat on xbox app Windows 10? Well let’s find out how to fix it, there are several methods to solve this problem.

Windows 10 comes with many new features, one of which is the integration of Xbox using the xbox app. By using the Xbox app, you can do a party chat between your Windows 10 computer and Xbox console. But many users are having problems using party chat. They said the network setting is blocking the party chat with the error code 0x89231806. What is the meaning of the error code 0x89231806, how could this happen and how to solve this?

How to fix xbox one error code 0x89231806 in Windows 10

Xbox app’s party chat using IPv6 tunneling or Teredo, if IPv6 is disabled on your settings, then you can not use party chat. To make the connection, IPv6 tunneling is using Windows Firewall. So the requirement to conduct party chat is IPv6 and Windows Firewall are both enabled.

Enable IPv6 on Windows 10
Right click the Start button and select Network Connections. Next, right click on your network card and choose Properties. Make sure IPv6 is enabled with a check mark next to it.

enable ipv6 windows 10 to fix xbox app error 0x89231806

Enable Windows Firewall on Windows 10
If you have another firewall software running, you should turn it off when you want to start party chat and use Windows Firewall instead. To enable Windows Firewall, type firewall in Cortana, and then select Windows Firewall from the result. Select Turn Windows Firewall on or off. You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice.

The next step is reboot your Windows 10 to make sure the changes you just make is work. We have to make sure that Teredo tunnel is running, open command prompt as administrator, right click the start menu and choose Command Prompt (Admin). Type this command and then hit enter:

netsh interface teredo show state

Validate that the Type is “Client” the Server Name is “” and the State is “qualified.”

Final solution

There is a twist that i found during the research to solve this error code 0x89231806, some Windows 10 users find an easiest way to make party chat work. The solution is to disable the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-interface from Device Manager.

Enter the words Device Manager into the search box on the taskbar, then select Device Manager from the list of results. Click the “View” menu and select (tick) “Show hidden devices”. Expand the “Network Adapters” tree. Right click on “Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface” and select “Disable”.

Well that’s it, if you still have not managed to solve the xbox one error code 0x89231806 in Windows 10, please let us know about it.