How to remove windows 10 advertisement

Advertisements is annoying, in this post you will learn how to stop advertisements pop up in Windows 10. You will know how to disable or turn off ads in lock screen, start menu, and office ads in Windows 10.

advertisements became one of the largest contributor of revenues for large companies such as Microsoft, in this case bing. In addition to looking for extra profit, Microsoft forcing to advertise their products more in Windows 10. Microsoft wants you to buy other products in the Windows Store or keep asking you to purchase Ms Office or skype. Sometimes the ads that too often appears can be annoying as well, but we can remove them.

How to disable ads in Windows 10

There could be many ads appears or popping up when you are using Windows 10, especially if you install inadvertent application that can not be trusted. Therefore, we will limit that the following tips apply only to ads that appear because of the settings of Windows 10, not the ads that appear on non-Microsoft applications.

Disable ads in lock screen Windows 10

Monetize the lock screen might not be such a bad idea, people will see what you offer when they will reuse or unlock the computer. Some users say they get the ads of Rise of the Tomb Raider with links to the Windows Store. Perhaps these ads on the lock screen is not so annoying, but you have the option to disable or turn it off. Here is how to do it:

how to disable ads in lock screen Windows 10

Click the start menu, and go to Settings –> Personalization –> Lock Screen, and turn off the section of “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen.” See, there is no words related to advertisements, ads, offer, or something like that, the users will get this option turning on by default, so the only way to stop it is by turn it off and you will no longer see the ads on the lock screen.

Disable start menu ads Windows 10

If you are not get rid of this ads from the start menu of Windows 10, you can possibly miss click it and open the ads, well it’s not something that hurt you materially or threaten the security of your computer, but may be wasting your valuable time, so there is always an option to disable the ads in the windows 10 start menu. Here’s how to kick it:

how to disable start menu ads Windows 10

Microsoft did not call it by advertisements or something like that, they call is the suggestion according to your Windows Store activity history. Go to Settings –> Personalization –> Start, then turn off or swipe “Occasionally show suggestions in Start.”
or you can do the easy way: when you see one of those ads, right click on it and select “Turn off all suggestions”

How to disable the “Get Office and Skype” notifications on Windows 10

Even if you have already installed office or skype, these notifications are keep popping up which is very annoying. Open the start menu, then go to Settings –> System –> Notifications & actions, under the section of “Show notifications from these apps”, swipe off “Get Office app”.

Prevent Microsoft from spying your Windows Store activity

Actually, by default Microsoft makes you give permission for Microsoft to track your habits when accessing the Windows Store and display the ads according to your needs, we can stop this by turning off your advertising ID. Open the Start menu and go to Settings –> Privacy –> General and turn off or swipe “Let apps use my advertising ID for experience across apps (turning this off will reset your ID)” to off.

How to remove windows 10 advertisement

If you are still experiencing difficulties in remove or disable windows 10 advertisement, please let us know about it.