how to sync my settings in windows 10?

In this tutorial you’re gonna to show you how to sync your settings in Windows 10. Lets begin these steps :

  1. Firstly click on Start menu then click on settings.Sync my Settings in Windows 10
  2. Now click on accounts how to sync my settings in windows 10 account
  3. If you are logged in into a local account you will not see an email, but if you are locked into a Microsoft account, then you will see your email being a hotmail. how look whatever but basically the difference is, a local account cannot sync across. So say for example if I got multiple computers and or if I get a new computer then I can’t sync my settings and themes and other things to my new computer. So what would happening is, I’ll need to login to my Microsoft until order to do that. Now there should be an option down here for full release on how to sign into your Microsoft to sync my settings in windows 10
  4. now click on sync your settings you will see this interface sync your settings. how to Sync my Settings in Windows 10 steps
  5. sync windows settings to other devices using your email. So you can turn on or turn off sync settings. It will be turn off and turn on individual. Sync settings for theme, internet explorer settings, password, language preferences, ease of access, and other window settings. You can sync your themes, so your color, your background. and then you can set up a sync to your web browser settings now keep in mind this is not your Chrome this is not your Firefox. this will only sync your web browser settings for what’s now Microsoft edge which is the browser. it’s basically Internet Explorer but it’s they changed quite a few things so what would be synced on a previous version is, Internet Explorer passwords