Remember Your Password In Microsoft Edge

Remember Your Password In Microsoft Edge By Managing The Saved Passwords

Do this way to remember password in Microsoft Edge Windows 10. When you are browsing something in Microsoft Edge, sometimes. you will probably find a site that requires a password to log in, or you may use these sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. Using sites with required password can safe the user’s privacy. But, sometimes it will make annoyed when you don’t remember the password to sign in. So, how to manage it? These explanations below will give you information.

How To Remember Password in Microsoft Edge?

To remember password in Microsoft Edge is easy to do. Here you can read detail y:

  1. Turn on the “offer to save password” feature in Microsoft Edge settings.
    To set it, these are the steps:
    Click on “more options/ the three dots at the top right corner”
    After that click “Settings”
    Choose the “View Advanced Settings”
    It shows some features, you can scroll down to the “Privacy and Services”
    Switch the “offer to save passwords” to be “On”Remember Your Password In Microsoft Edge
  2. If you find that your password is hidden such as this “******”, you can keep viewing it by clicking on “Show” link beside the password. Then you will be asked verify your ownership by entering password then clicking on “OK”
  3. The Microsoft Edge will prompt you when you visit a site which requires credentials or passwords with this question “Would like to save your password for……..?”. you can click “Yes” to agree. It means that your password will be stored and saved on your PC. So that, when you visit the website, you can directly log in without entering your password.
  4. If you want to view the password you already saved, you can go to “Control Panel” and see it in “Credential Manager”, then select “Web Credential” tab.

Those were the ways to remember password that you can apply. Before you manage and set the website, make sure that you set for your own PC. It means the PC is not for public. May the information be able to help your problem about how to remember password in Microsoft Edge.