scan an item windows defender

I’m going to be showing you how to use scan an item windows defender offline to scan your Windows 10 computer. So this is nothing new to Windows 10, specifically the Windows Defender offline. Its basically an anti-malware scan utility that will basically allow you to boot outside of the operating system. So that, it can do a better job at targeting Malware within Windows. It’s mean, I always find that boo-table cds tend to perform better when trying to remove malware. Especially the stubborn kind like ransomware or rootkits or other more determined malware. So windows defender offline is actually now built into Windows 10 directly. So you don’t have to download any programs online through Microsoft of course. But still it’s very nice, you can just simply do it by going through the settings menu. So we’re going to jump right into it. Please note, that you have to have your Windows 10 computer upgraded to near the most current version. This is not present in earlier versions of Windows 10. Meaning if you are behind on your updates, I would suggest updating your computer. Because you might not see these settings.

how to use scan an item windows defender offline

Going to jump into it by heading over to the Start menu, and get a left click on it. There should be a little gear icon on the left side. Here and if you hover over it, it should say settings. You want to left-click on that, underneath Windows settings. You want to scroll down until you get to update and security tile, so left click on it.scan an item windows defender

On the left side, Select Windows Defender. So once you click on the Windows Defender tab on the right side, you want to use the scroll-er to go down until you get to Windows Defender offline. scan an item windows defender offline

And again and also “some malicious software can be particularly difficult to remove from your PC. Windows Defender offline can help find remove them using up-to-date threat definitions. This will restore your PC and will take about 15 minutes”. So you want to launch scan offline and again, it will say : it will take about 15 minutes so it says you’re about to be signed out. so windows will automatically restore the computer and will launch the utility. So we’re just going to keep the recording going until we get to the beginning of the scan at least. scan an item windows defender offline progress

okay so we can see the witness offender offline tool is beginning to load up here, so we can see that basically this is just a slimmed down version of Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. Whatever you want to refer to and all it’s doing is just doing a quick scan right now. You can also slot the update tab, and then go update definitions. so just be patient here and we’re going to light-skin and once it’s done. I will be right back. Okay so once the scan has completed it appears the system has restarted. So I’m going to sign back in to my account.

you and if we had any issues that were detected during the scan we would be prompted to take action against any threats that were found. So I hope this brief tutorial helped you guys out and I will catch you in the next tutorial