The Easiest Tricks on How to Improve Windows 10 File Explorer with No Apps

How to Improve Windows 10 File Explorer is the most common question asked by many people especially windows users. To browse files in Windows, you can easily do it using Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer has been around since Windows 95 replaces the File Manager that’s been used since Windows 3.x. Now in Windows 8, Windows Explorer is renamed to File Explorer. To facilitate you in finding files, there are also various columns that show date information when files are created, file type, file size, and much more. Improve Windows 10 File Explorer

  • First open the folder you want to add or remove the column.
  • After that right click on the column bar and select More.
  • To add a column type you just tick, while to remove the top column you just uncheck. When finished select click OK.

Well this way you can find files easily, you just see the type of column that you just add it. Windows 10 comes with such a complex feature. the more applications or features that run or that you are using then the required resources more and more and it will have an impact on your PC performance decline.

Usually the most frequently affected of it is File Explorer. Normally, File Explorer can open in a few seconds. However, sometimes there are also users who complain that File Explorer in windows 10 is open with a longer time than usual and confused on How To Improve Windows 10 File Explorer. If it happens to you, you need not worry. Well on this occasion will be given a tutorial on how to restore your File Explorer as usual.

Three ways you can do on How To Improve Windows 10 File Explorer in detail:

  1. For the first way, you can restart Windows applications (File) Explorer via Task Manager. This method is the most powerful way if you experience problems in the file Explorer either slow, stuck (hang) and the like. The trick is very easy, you just open Task Manager on your pc, then after that look for Windows Explorer application and choose restart.
  2. For the second way, you can try to disable and re-enable the Windows Search Start service. The trick is very easy, all you have to do is open System Configuration via search box or Cortana.If it is open you simply select the Services option and look for Windows Search service. If you’ve met, you can simply switch off and re-enable it. The trick is to remove the check mark and select the apply option (to disable), then reactivate the service by giving back the check mark and select apply and select OK. Next, please close System Configuration and see the results.
  3. For the third way you simply reboot (restart) the PC you are using. Because by doing so, all running processes on your device will stop completely, everything will go back to its initial state as when you first started the device. Of course, this can eliminate some of the problems your device is experiencing. Now, you can solve your problem and find out How To Improve Windows 10 File Explorer.