video playback settings in windows 10

Welcome to the Windows10help blog. Now i want to review “video playback settings in windows 10“. Watch the film and TV app or movies in TV in Windows 10 we did a quick outlook, quick look around of the app itself. now on the video playback side of the film in TV app so once you’re playing videos. And also the settings that we’re going to take a look at by Select Start > Settings > Apps > Video playback. So of course you have your apps and your videos that are here. when you are playing videos there are a few options. video playback settings in windows 10 review

  1. For the playback on this setting side you’ve got first of all on the right side the account, settings payment option. account settings and everything in order history if you buy some movies or TV shows.
  2. On the left side, when if you buy stuff or you download stuff, it asks you for download quality. You can put it automatic, If you want it HD all the time. You can choose SD for standard definition which is, kind of DVD like quality. And you can choose ask every time. Reason why this is here because you might think well. Why don’t I want it in HD all the time is bandwidth. It uses a lot of the internet internet speed. And if you have a data cap that could be a problem. So download quality might be chosen here.
  3. Then you have your download location for where the movies are downloaded when you actually buy them or download them. video playback settings in windows 10
  4. Download service devices is all the devices that you’ve added. Because when you buy movies or buy TV shows there’s something called digital rights management. That go with it by adding devices. that means, that every device you have chosen here will be accepted as a device. For these shows or movies that you want to see
  5. In your video check section you have restored my available video purchases. This is for example your installed windows. You want to have all the movies all the shows that you’ve bought or rented, And they’re going to come back. Choose where we look for videos. This is for your computer your own videos. A little trick here that I’m going to give you when you add a folder that’s on onedrive. For example maybe you want to try onedrive videos, you can create a video folder with your own stuff, and choose it from the onedrive on the left side here. It’s cool because if you have internet connectivity, where you are by adding a onedrive folder, it means that if you put videos there. And you have Internet connectivity where you are on every device, you’ll be able to view your playback settings in windows 10 storage trick
  6. Finally the light or dark team mode. Depending on what you like or not and so basically just choose my default. Ease use system setting switches and dark theme. So that’s why it’s dark so that’s pretty much the outlook of film and TV app on PCs.

Hopefully you enjoyed our review about video playback settings in windows 10