Where’s My Printer Windows 10?

The Best and Easiest Way to Find and Install Your Printer in Windows 10

Where’s My Printer Windows 10 is usually becoming the common problem for the newbie and new users of windows 10. Usually installing the printer takes about 10 minutes, after which you can directly use your printer. Here’s how to install the printer without having to use a driver in Windows 10. The most way to connect a printer to a PC / Laptop is to use a USB cable, you can also install a printer without connecting via USB or wireless by using a network.

Add Printer Using USB Cable :Where’s My Printer Windows 10

  • Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable and turn the printer on.
  • Open “Settings app” from the “Start” menu.
  • Click “Devices”
  • Click “Add Printer for Scanner”.

If Windows detects your printer terribly, Click the name of the printer and follow the next instructions to complete.

Where’s My Printer Windows 10 and How to Find a Windows Unreadable Printer

If Windows does not find your printer, click on the “The printer that I want is not listed” link or you may said “Where’s My Printer Windows 10”. Here you can find your unreadable printer with no hassle even though you don’t have any technical skill or experience. You can let Windows look for the problem, Windows will help you to locate the printer device driver and will tell you to download it.

You can easily install printer in Windows 10 without having to use Printer driver, adding a printer using a USB cable, how to find unreadable printers Windows, how to add or install a printer with Wireless, how to share printers, HomeGroup settings, and how to connect 1 (one) printer with multiple computers or laptops using wireless network and homegroup. But if that does not work too, you should go to your printer’s official website and download the driver then Install.

Where’s My Printer Windows 10 and How to Add or Install Printers with Wireless.

The steps for the wireless printer installation vary by individual manufacturers, but for modern printers now can install the printer using the network.

  • Take the panel of printer LCD to enter your wireless setup
  • Then, on Epson printer, you can go to “Setup” and choose “Wireless LAN Settings”
  • Select a network to connect, you must be connected in one of the Wi-Fi to connect.
  • Enter your network password.

In this case, you may need to connect your printer a while through USB for the installation of the software. Your PC / laptop should read the type of device before connecting to your network. If you are having trouble with his fingers, make sure you are not too far from your wireless touter. If your printer has an Ethernet jack you can also connect directly to your route and manage it with the browser interface. So, that’s all the way to solve with the problem of Where’s My Printer Windows 10.