Windows 10 Major Creators Update

Microsoft Windows 10 has finally come out with its promised Creators Update. Here we have some of the major new perks, and some of them at least, are pretty awesome.

For those who like to use Paint, Paint 3D can be big-time fun with your ability to gain access to the creative, With this new app, you can create 3D cartoons, etc. Modify them and change color, texture along with a host of other tinkering you can enjoy.Windows 10 Major Creators Update

One of Windows 10 major creative updates is improved gaming. Everything goes faster and more smoothly and you’ll be able to incorporate interactive features into your stream at home

Microsoft Edge has had a difficult row to hoe due to the popularity and general use of Chrome, but now Edge is fighting back with a host of new and better tab management and more extensions. Edge even brings you a bookstore to enhance your reading choices.

The all new Microsoft Edge promises to be a more secure and faster browser with the Creators update. Microsoft also claims that you’ll get much longer battery life once you install Window 10 Creators update. How does an extra hour of viewing pleasure sound? That’s over Chrome, but Microsoft claims it’s even two hours longer than the life Mozilla Firefox can offer.

Sometimes we get too many tabs going and it’s easy to lose track, but with Creators Update you’ll be able to store them on a preview bar so you can grab them quickly whenever you need one.

As an added sales help, Microsoft Edge allows you to switch all your favorites from the browser you’ve been using to Edge, including their history so you won’t lose any information by switching to Windows 10 Creators Update.

You won’t have to go far to find extensions. Microsoft Edge now offers a host of attractive and more popular extensions and you can always manage these and add more as well.

Only available in the United States at this time, the Windows Store unites games, film, music, apps and last but not least, books.

You’ll be able to read ebooks whenever you like. Once you’ve bought an ebook you can read it online or read it offline without connecting to the internet. You can even change the fonts etc. on your books to make them just the way you like.

Cortana wasn’t bad, but now she’s even better. A lot better. You can talk to her (here in the USA only and only in English so far) but you have only to tell her what you want and she can play by category, mood or whatever. All you have to do is tell her what you want.

Another useful feature is that when your screen is idle, you can simply yell “Hey Cortana” and she’ll light your screen up for you and you’ll be ready to swing into action.

Another nice feature we like is that you can keep a small mini-window on top of whatever else you’re doing so you can work at what you’re doing and at the same time keep an eye on whatever interests you in the small window. You can talk Skype or have control over your music selections and keep on working at the same time.

Additional security comes along with Windows 10 Creator Update. This will be a big help in protecting them from threats on all their devices.

Of course, as mentioned above, Skype is fully integrated into Windows PCs and offers the mini view, translation and its new easier to use shortcuts, etc. make it much more compatible for those who like to chat, and this costs you absolutely zip, nada. Free on all your devices.

Another interesting step forward is the Windows Mixed Reality. Most of the leading computer manufacturers will shortly have mixed-reality headsets available at about $299.00.

This new Windows 10 Creator Update represents the most important and useful upgrade since the launch of Windows 10. The even better news is that this free upgrade is now available to users. New users, however, will have to pay $120 for Windows 10 Home or $200 for Windows 10 Pro. After all, Windows 10 is no longer free.

Most technicians believe the upgrade is well worth the cost so it’s probably a great idea to at least check out this new innovative and substantial upgrade today.

Creators Update is now available. Visit your Microsoft Store to see just what they have to offer and get a free consultation.